ladybug (w/ rufio)

by Imasgrohn

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Everyone who's lost aint wandering
Just like everyone who's thinkin ain't pondering
Like every moment Thats worth it ain't worth squandering
Like every witch every which way got a conjuring
Like every currents got a conduit
Like why the California condor does not exist? It's obvious
Excuse the opulence cats'll claim Christ consciousness
But still can't tell me what a chakra is
Divine with the providence rising to prominence
I slide with the Rasta spliff take pride in my accomplishments
Riding for all my kids lightin the ganja stick
Exciting when I find myself blinded by the lightning
Kinda frightening, Like venison in the high beams
Medicine in my mind keeps me reveling in the psyche
Impetuous these niggas could never get next to my team
That's less than likely, tepid ciphers tend to vex me slightly
Got arrested in a development for melanin
Said I was sellin and I'm a felon and I better get to tellin
So then I had to sit up in a cell again
But they didn't search the legacy, so my niggas split with hella shit
But that's irrelavent im trying to spend these dead presidents
Own my own residence set my own precedents
Subjects and predicates, roughnecks and delegates
Rednecks and hella crips entrenched in fellowship
I'm sayin why the Fuck we got exclusive memberships
When the plans for our future ain't even got a mothership
I mean I'm really on some other shit
I mean we really strung out on petroleum and we don't got enough of it
Abundant consumption, everybodys lovin it
Ask about mother earth a nigga tell you Fuck a bitch
But we don't have another earth were running out of luck with this
Bludgeon these curmudgeons who be bitin like a succubus


released July 29, 2017



all rights reserved